“There has been numerous projects that interpret the Chopin’s heritage in various styles and different instumentations. Therefore, it was very courageous of Rafał Rokicki to record another album of Chopin arrangements. Still it has to be admitted that he was victorious while confronted with his predecessors. His trio presents an interesting aesthetic concept, in which the spirit of Chopin is preserved and which is very interesting to listen to. Rafał Rokicki turns out to be a pianist of great sensitivity and excellent technique, playing very expressively.

We strongly feel that Chopin is close to him and he is elated interpreting the compositions in his own stylistic idiom. We also hear that the slavic melancholy is much closer to him than its buoyant heartedness (out of seven recorded compositions up to five remain in minor tonalities).

In achieving such a success he was greatly accompanied by his friends from the trio. Both the bassist Michał Kapczuk as well as the drummer Paweł Dobrowolski perfectly  fulfill the creative concepts of the leader. They submitted to them while greatly expanding on the rhytmic and harmonic level. Therefore, “Chopin Revisited” has become an interesting project proving the point that the music of Chopin is timeless and prone to all artistically justified interventions.”

Piotr Kałużny

Jazz Forum 12/2014, s.63

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  Dec 11, 2014

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