In the occasional Chopin’s Year we were  flooded by very different projects realised with the preparatory title ?a different Chopin?. There emerged caricatural interpretations of etudes, mazurkas, nocturnes, but also some fine records and jazz concerts. From the exemplary “classic”  Andrzej Jagodziński Trio to the freely charming interpretations of Leszek Możdżer. Now the ? jazz chopinists ?  are joined by  Rafal Rokicki ? a great pianist (but also my ?protege?, because the first laureate of our project Era Jazzu/ Music Garden). 

His ? Chopin Revisited ? is definitely different, very impressionistic, where the emotion of the artist is very much controlled by the creative idea and the logistics of the Frederic Chopin’s composition.  Extraoridinary ?Nocturn in C minor? is perfectly played out into a jazz (?) trio ( the subtle play of the rhythm section: Michał Kapczuk ?b, Paweł Dobrowolski ?dr ), elegantly vibrating with the Chopin’s melodics, but also ale escaping from the contagious sonority. The most beautiful phrases of jazz – as I once wrote about Rafał’s playing – emerge when they do not chase the sound, then the technical eloquence of the pianist is equally important as his creative sensitivity. The piano playing of Rokicki is such a shapely creation, that does not contain too many crazy harmonic passages, but because of this, it creates sounds, that should be associated with the grace and elegance of jazz. Rafał has great skills and musicianship as well as a great potential of musical, jazz associations. He plays with music and Chopin!

4.11.2013 Dionizy Piątkowski

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  Nov 11, 2014

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