Ellyah Music’s booking and management services concern  Strefa Dzieci – dedicated to the youngest listeners, Rafał Rokicki Trio (performing Chopin’s arrangements or original compositions of Rokicki), Rafał Rokicki – solo piano, Kasia & Rafał – a duet performing a blend of Kasia’s songs embellished with lyrical jazz arrangements by Rafał, as well as Kasia Rokicka & Friends.

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Current releases include G.H.R. by Rafał Rokicki (2008), Violet River Kasia Rokicka (2008) and Chopin Revisited – Rafał Rokicki Trio (2014).

We are working on our next album, which will present children songs performed by Strefa Dzieci and our befriended musicians.

Our CDs are distributed  online at, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, CDBaby, Amazon as well as directly by us.





Apart of  the concerts of  Strefa Dzieci, when we share our passion and love for music, we offer workshops, clinics as well as individual classes. We share our knowledge and experience during our creative classes: composition and songwriting,  vocal technique and interpretation (SLS) as well as piano classes at every level.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.




We compose, arrange and produce.

We write music suitable for audio-visual synchronization, arrange, compose songs as well as write lyrics.