According to the “Chopin Revisited” release belongs to the best jazz recordings of 2014!

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22.12.2014 on Radio Dwójka – in his program Jazz Piano Forte – Tomasz Szachowski presented Chopin Revisited:

?..Chopinian release by the pianist Rafał Rokicki (…) recorded with his wonderful rhythm section: Michał Kapczuk on double bass and Paweł Dobrowolski on drums – it is certainly one of the best Polish rhythm sections (…). The Chopinian record – important since in the recent period there seemed to be less interest in the Chopin’s compositions, even some musicians believed that this chapter had been closed (…) and for some time the Chopin was forgotten –  and this seemed true for the whole Polish jazz movement – however it was not. Therefore, with even greater pleasure I am going to introduce three jazz interpretations (by Rokicki), so different from what we are used to hear by Leszek Możdzer, Andrzej Jagodziński or Adam Makowicz. I would say that this personal part, this author’s commentary is here highlighted more than before…  Keep Reading →

“There has been numerous projects that interpret the Chopin’s heritage in various styles and different instumentations. Therefore, it was very courageous of Rafał Rokicki to record another album of Chopin arrangements. Still it has to be admitted that he was victorious while confronted with his predecessors. His trio presents an interesting aesthetic concept, in which the spirit of Chopin is preserved and which is very interesting to listen to. Rafał Rokicki turns out to be a pianist of great sensitivity and excellent technique, playing very expressively.

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Rafał Rokicki Trio ?Chopin Revisited”, Ellyah Music, CD, 2014

“Twenty years ago there was released an album by Andrzej Jagodziński Trio “Chopin” that begun a series of records by polish jazzmen interpreting our great composer in their own way. The pianist Rafał Rokicki belongs to most romantic virtuosos of this instrument. He is accompanied by a subtle play of the rhythm section: the bassist Michał Kapczuk and the drummer Paweł Dobrowolski. Rokicki with subtlety paints musical landscapes with the themes of nocturnes, mazurkas, etudes and preludes by Chopin. On each one he expands in his dynamic improvisations playing once gentle once expressive chords. This album will interest both jazz and classical music lovers, but most it will raise interest of all the fans of romantic instrumental music.”

Marek Dusza